Make your pet’s spa day extra special: 5 things to look for in a pet grooming service

Being a fur parent is not easy, but most will agree it’s definitely rewarding. One thing’s for sure, though: you would go the extra mile just to treat your adorable furry pals to a relaxing and luxurious spa day!

As a discerning pet owner, you won’t take your pets to just any grooming station. If you live in the south, there’s a new place you can head to. PetBuddy just opened its first branch at Lower Ground Level, Building B, Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang Hari, Amanza Dos, Las Piñas City. This means you can bring your a-DOG-able ones for grooming, day care, and pet care supplies to this new pet haven near you!

An extra special experience awaits you and your precious ones because PetBuddy has everything you’re looking for in a pet grooming service:

1. All-around pet grooming services. To save time and get the most bang for your buck, go to a one-stop shop for pet grooming needs. At PetBuddy, basic grooming service includes shampoo, blow dry, and brush. Full grooming includes more cleaning and care services like a haircut, nail trim, nail file, ear cleaning, toothbrushing, bath and blow dry, and a spritz of cologne spray. Other individual services like facial trimming, anal draining, and eye washing are also offered, should you prefer to avail of them. If you need to leave your pet to run errands or attend a work meeting, PetBuddy also serves as a pet daycare where they can stay to relax for a few hours.

2. Affordability. While you want your pets to have a great time, you wouldn’t want it to burn a hole in your pocket. At PetBuddy, the rate for basic grooming for cats starts at P300, while full grooming costs only P550. For dogs, the rates depend on the weight of your pets. At these affordable rates, you can bring your pets for grooming as often as possible!

3. Great service. Pets are sensitive to human emotion. Make sure your groomer has a natural love for animals, so your pet will instantly feel at ease with them. At PetBuddy, trained personnel are happy to take care of your pets, give their nails a trim or shampoo and dry their hair while keeping them comfortable. It’s a place that you一and your pet一will certainly keep coming back to.

4. Premium selection of pet supplies and accessories.Because you only want the best for your pet, go to a pet groomer that also offers premium products. PetBuddy offers hard-to-find products from brands like Acana, Eukanuba, Inaba, Ciao Treats, and Royal Canin. Simply browse the selection of pet supplies and accessories while you wait for your pet to finish.

5. Pet-friendly ambiance. A fun, playful environment will make your furry ones feel relaxed and at home while they are being groomed. At PetBuddy, expect nothing less than clean facilities and designated areas for your pets to enjoy their special spa day!

PetBuddy understands the need of every petーand fur parentーso you need not worry about leaving your furry babies for a grooming session or a fun time at the pet daycare. The good news is that more branches of PetBuddy are set to open soon in convenient locations, so you and your pets will soon find a branch near you.

For more information, contact PetBuddy:
Contact Number: 09951261309 or 09616763270